Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Four Leading Seniors Orgs Endorse Prop. 89

Adding their voices to the growing list of individuals and organizations calling for an end to pay-to-play politics, four of California's top senior advocate organizations formally endorsed Proposition 89, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act.

The California Alliance for Retired Americans, the Congress of California Seniors, the Gray Panthers of California, and the Senior Action Network have all recently endorsed the initiative designed to establish a voluntary "Clean Money" system for full public funding of election campaigns modeled upon successful programs already in place in Arizona and Maine and recently adopted by Connecticut. Proposition 89 additionally would tighten existing campaign finance limits and disclosure requirements.

"We are old enough to see how politics has changed as the influence of money has increased. Huge campaign contributions have become political bribery and sparked political corruption. We, the citizens, are not just losing our voice, we are losing our Democracy," declared Mary Magill of the Gray Panther's Sacramento chapter. "Proposition 89 offers us hope that we can clean up the corruption in Sacramento and make sure our government works for voters, not for donors."

Hank Lacayo, president of the Congress of California Seniors proclaimed, "As consumers who often live on fixed incomes, seniors battle special interests and big corporations every day to get fair laws to protect consumers. We support Proposition 89 because it will eliminate the corrosive affect of big special interest donations and help level the legislative playing field."

Susan Lerner, executive director of the California Clean Money Action Fund, one of the main organizations supporting the initiative added, "Seniors have had enough. Like the rest of Californians, they are tired of all the scandals involving money in politics. We look forward to working with these four strong groups to pass Prop. 89 to ensure we have fair elections and an accountable government."