Sunday, August 13, 2006

Proposition 89 and Governor's Race

Kate Folmar for the Mercury News:

Schwarzenegger has brought campaign fundraising to a "crisis point," Angelides said when he endorsed the public financing initiative, Proposition 89, in Oakland recently. "If you look at this governor's actions, the fact is, time and time again he's standing up not only for the most powerful interests, but also for the people who are helping him in this election."

Lagging in the polls and trailing in fundraising, Angelides has found that talking about his initiative endorsements are a way to steal slivers of the limelight away from his superstar opponent (without shelling out millions for television ads.) For example, he highlighted the Proposition 89 endorsement three times in three media markets -- the Bay Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles -- in recent days.
Voters' desire for clean elections could play an important role in other races also.