Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Proposition 89 and the Gubernatorial Race

In today's Mercury News, Steve Harmon takes a look at how Proposition 89 has become a major factor in the 2006 gubernatorial race between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Angelides:

Angelides appears to have found an issue -- political reform -- to drive that home. After endorsing Proposition 89, a sweeping political reform measure, Angelides has hammered Schwarzenegger for failing to live up to his promise to change politics in Sacramento.

Schwarzenegger opposes Proposition 89 because it would raise corporate taxes, but by doing so, Democrats can insist he's sold out his promise to "clean up the Capitol.'' That might play especially well for independents, voters who decline to state any party affiliation, and others who may have viewed Schwarzenegger as a different kind of politician.

Voters understand reform is necessary and are poised to support leadership who are pushing a reform agenda to clean up our political system.