Tuesday, August 22, 2006

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) Endorses Prop 89

From Landon Dickey at Beyond Chron:

The members of San Francisco's Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) met Monday night to discuss their endorsements for the upcoming November election. The majority of the discussion was devoted to the candidates up for election and re-election for the School Board, College Board, and district supervisor positions. [...]

In a further show of unity, the committee moved to fully adopt the Democratic State Party's position on all statewide propositions besides two, Propositions 83 and 89. Though they moved to table Proposition 83 due to insufficient information, they voted yes on 89 with a %50 + 1 majority of 17 out of 32 votes (abstentions deducted from the total). Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, provides public financing for political campaigns. The public also stood in support of this legislation, which "means less time dialing for dollars, more time talking to voters and changing the political landscape".
What a great boost of momentum for Proposition 89!