Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Allan Zaremberg Googles Secret Plan

OMG - Allan Zaremberg Epifany
California Chamber of Commerce President Allan Zaremberg and the crack investigative team at CoC's K Street headquarters have uncovered a bombshell.

Sacramento Bee reporter Jim Sanders writes of the epiphany under the headline, Secret plan alleged on campaign financing:

A California Nurses Association publication indicates the group is pushing the Proposition 89 campaign-finance measure as a Trojan horse to get what it covets most: universal health care, opponents said Monday.

Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, said the strategy basically was spelled out in a document that appeared on the nurses association Web site.
Whowouldthunk? Nurses support health care for everyone?

But then I started thinking, could I too scour the internet and find secret election plans? Here are some more secret plans I found on the internets.

Sierra Club Plots to Protect Environment

Those nurses with their designs for health care aren't the only ones using Proposition 89 as a trojan horse. It seems the Sierra Club also has a secret agenda, which I found on some website included in a press release announcing the Sierra Club's endorsement of Prop 89. Let the record show that Bill Magavern, senior advocate for Sierra Club California, said:
"If you want clean air and clean water, you need clean elections. Proposition 89 will eliminate the corrupting influence of donors who want to weaken environmental laws by shifting power back to the voters who overwhelmingly support measures to ensure a healthy, safe, and clean environment."
Busted. The Chamber of Commerce can feel free and use my sleuthing and set up another whiney conference call with reporters. I hope the Sacramento Bee runs a page A4 headline, "Sierra Club Plots for Environment".

Consumer Federation Scheme for Consumer Protection

This website statement conspiracy runs deeper, the Consumer Federation of California seems to have a secret plan to pass consumer protection legislation. Uncovered in a press release endorsing Proposition 89 is the following quote from CFC's Executive Director Richard Holober:
"All too often, consumer protection legislation is defeated in Sacramento by politicians who are beholden to the big business interests that bankroll their electoral campaigns. Proposition 89 would help reduce the influence of corporate campaign contributions on elected officials. It will help to decrease the use of the ballot initiative as a vehicle for big business to enact legislation, and help restore the initiative to its original purpose as an expression of the people's will."
Congress of California Seniors Maneuver for Those on Fixed Incomes

Further investigation revealed that some support for Proposition 89 is coming from seniors who are prepared for daily machination. Again in a press release supporting Proposition 89, I discovered a damning quote from Hank Lacayo, president of the Congress of California Seniors:
"As consumers who often live on fixed incomes, seniors battle special interests and big corporations every day to get fair laws to protect consumers. We support Proposition 89 because it will eliminate the corrosive affect of big special interest donations and help level the legislative playing field."
Did you notice the emphasis on a level playing field? Keep an eye on these seniors, they might have an entire agenda.

Allan Zaremberg's Secret Racket to Buy Elections

It seems even Mr. Zaremberg is fighting about Proposition 89 with ulterior motives. From the San Francisco Chronicle Politics Blog:
Anyone looking for a hint at the hot buttons that the campaign against Prop. 89, the public financing "clean money" campaign initiative, is planning to push this fall only had to listen to California Chamber of Commerce Prexy Allan Zaremberg make a pitch to reporters this morning.

Not one, but three of the state's best-known political consulting companies have been hired to run the effort against Prop. 89, an initiative which Zaremberg said was "patently unfair, one-sided and a waste of precious taxpayer resources."

Zaremberg, an Arnold Schwarzenegger ally who was one of the key backers of last year's controversial special election agenda, is concerned that the initiative will make it much more difficult for businesses to spend the millions of dollars they've needed in the past to back or oppose initiatives that affect the business community.
Zaremberg's plot appears to be for the Chamber of Commerce to spend whatever it takes to preserve the racket where money buys elections and special interests dominate Sacramento.

Nurses supporting health care? Duh. The part of the story that deserves more ink is the fact that the Chamber of Commerce honcho is whining to reporters about big business not being able to buy government.