Monday, September 25, 2006

Busy Week

There is a lot going on this week so please stop by daily for updates. There are three things we hope you can do with us this week:

1. Email Campaign - One quick request for everyone is to join our email campaign. First, make sure you sign up for email alerts. Second, use our tool to email friends and family so they can join you in supporting Proposition 89.

2. Buck the System Now - Under Prop 89, candidates who build a coalition of $5 donors and refuse special interest money get Clean Money public financing, leveling the playing field so elections are about ideas not money. Give $5 now and Buck the System.

3. Phone Banks - Help communicate with voters. Every Sunday through Thursday in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Contact Ted Cahill, Prop 89 Field Director. Email: Phone: 510 273 2248