Tuesday, September 05, 2006

People Write Letters

The LA Times letters to the editor:

Regarding the Aug. 31 article "Checks Roll In as Laws Flow Out" and the inflow of money into the political system, Assemblyman Joe Nation (D-San Rafael) stated, "It creates a perception of impropriety." Wrong. It sustains a reality of corruption.

Canoga Park

We have again reached our annual frenzy of the Legislature passing questionable laws while collecting large contributions from those who benefit.

This is the same body of lawmakers who did not have the will to pass the Clean Money Act.

These people are the best reason to pass Proposition 89 (to create a system for public financing of political campaigns) in November.

California must remove the corrupting influence of big-money donors.

Sherman Oaks

As you can see by these two letters today, the public is disgusted by the way Sacramento operates. In May, the Public Policy Institute of California polled on the issue (May 14-21, 2000 adult residents, +/- 2% MOE):

Do you think that campaign contributions are currently having a good effect or a bad effect on the public policy decisions made by state elected officials in Sacramento, or are campaign contributions making no difference?"

Good Effect 12%
Bad Effect 56%