Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Quote of the Day

Here in San Diego, I feel like I am at an epicenter of the money and politics plague that has sickened the democratic process all over the country. A local Congressman, Duke Cunningham, has gone to jail as part of an ongoing national scandal. The cost of political campaigns is going up, up, up at every level and that is certainly more true in California than anywhere else in the country, and voters badly want change in our political system.

But, thankfully, here in California, Proposition 89 is on the ballot

Proposition 89 offers Californians a chance to take back control of the political system from the lobbyists and deep pocket campaign donors and join with voters in seven other states and two cities that have adopted Clean Elections. By passing Proposition 89, voters in California would send a clear signal to politicians across the country that they demand meaningful campaign reform.

-Nick Nyhart, Executive Director of Public Campaign