Sunday, October 01, 2006

Most Expensive Election Ever

why we need proposition 89California's 2006 election will be the most expensive in the history of our state. The ship-load of special interest money dominating the debate have already pushed TV ad rates up 50% and may double rates during the final two weeks of the election.

Every time you see a negative political ad, remember why we need to enact Proposition 89. There is only one item on the ballot that will reform the way the rest of the election is being bought.

The LA Times' Mother's Milk online feature reveals that Friday was another huge day, with $6.4 million in pocket-stuffing bringing the year-to-date total to $362, 224,913.

There are two ways for voters to deal with this year's record-setting negative ads wars. Option one is to buy a Tivo and I wouldn't be surprised if this cycle is a boom for DVR sales in California. The other option is to vote Yes on Proposition 89.