Friday, October 06, 2006

We have them on the run

Robert Salladay of the LA Times political blog has a new post on the most expensive election ever:

And for the irony of the day, Morain snagged an insider email (see photo) from the campaign to defeat Proposition 89, which would put strict contribution limits on candidates and install public financing. Turns out, the opposition (which includes nearly the entire political establishment) hasn't raised enough money.

In this instance, "enough" money refers to the amount necessary to drown out the voices of reform and buy the election. But they are raising plenty of money, including six figure contributions from Chevron, PG&E, Mercury General, Southern California Edison, Occidental Oil and Gas, State Farm, Zenith Insurance, CA business PAC, CA Bankers PAC, and Baron Real Estate.

The letter is signed by Frank Schumbert, whose website boasts, "One of Mr. Schubert’s strengths is the ability to synthesize complicated public policy issues into understandable messages..." Schumbert's view on Proposition 89?

While the Yes side is actively moving forward and will be on the air soon, the No campaign continues to deal with difficult cash flow issues. [...]

To say that this situation is a major concern is an understatement.

Our side will be widely outspent by special interests, which is one of the reasons why we need Proposition 89. They may have big bucks, but the people they have are mercenaries while we have committed volunteers. Join our grassroots campaign, contribute $5 and help Buck the System now.