Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who listens to Frank Schubert?

What he says he says:

One of Mr. Schubert’s strengths is the ability to synthesize complicated public policy issues into understandable messages, helping his clients define the debate on their terms.

What he actually says:

We don't need two ballot initiatives to accomplish change, uh, and in terms of the notion of, you know, the notion of profits being driven by, uh, uh, greedy HMO's and so forth, you know, these initiatives aren't going to change whatever motivations that people have. And increasingly, the marketplace is changing to respond to consumer needs.

That was the synthesized message from Frank Schubert a decade ago. People who listened to him then have been played as suckers by the HMO's for 10 years. People who listen to him now will be played as suckers by Big Money until California passes clean elections.

Are you a sucker?