Saturday, August 19, 2006

San Mateo Daily Journal on Prop 89

Rachael Warecki's article for the San Mateo Daily Journal on Proposition 89 contains a bunch of whining from the big money special interests who are worried that they will no longer be able to buy Sacramento against the interests of the voters. But it also contains this:

Meanwhile, Yes on Prop 89's Web site maintains that Proposition 89 "can end the present system of public favors for private contributions." The site points to Arizona and Maine as examples of the policy's success.

The California Nurses Association not only supports the measure but also provided the sponsorship and gathered the signatures needed to get Proposition 89 on the ballot.

"In the current political climate, big money buys favors," said Janelle Morgan, a registered nurse with the CNA. "Candidates' decisions are swayed by corporations."

Morgan believes that the current administration exemplifies this type of decision-making.

"[Gov. Arnold] Schwarzenegger accepts donations from pharmaceutical and health care companies," she said. "He's vetoed at least three bills that would allow patients to obtain affordable prescription drugs.

"As a nurse, I want to make sure my patients have safe, quality care. I have an obligation to my patients to see that they get the best care."
The people opposed to Proposition 89 are the people who are doing well in the current environment. The problem is that the people aren't doing well. That is the point, we aren't going to see the action we need on the issues we care about as long as the big money special interests are in control.