Friday, August 18, 2006

Super Hero's for Prop 89

batman and proposition 89From Dirty Money Watch:

Political corruption needed a super solution last night when the Bat Signal lit up a fundraiser for Governor Schwarzenegger in Sacramento. Batman joined the California Nurses Association to shine a light on the source of special interest influence – campaign cash – and promote Proposition 89 to clean up the problem. Watch this clip from KOVR TV-13 (Initial footage only - stay posted for more candid footage coming shortly.)
The press release states:
Batman made a cameo appearance last night for California's political reform initiative, Proposition 89. While Arnold Schwarzenegger was inside raising funds from special interests, Batman arrived outside -- and projected his 40-foot high logo on the outside of the building where Schwarzenegger was having his event.
With all of the cash the big money special interests are going to spend against Proposition 89, creativity is going to go a long way.