Wednesday, October 04, 2006

San Francisco Bay Guardian Endorses Prop 89


Proposition 89



Our dysfunctional political system and the shortsighted policies it creates won’t change until we have serious campaign finance reform. This measure would create the best of all possible campaign systems, similar to the ones now working well in Arizona and Maine. It creates a public finance system for those running for state legislature and constitutional offices, paid for by a 0.2 percent increase in the corporate tax rate, and lowers contribution limits to candidates who opt out of public financing. It also limits the political expenditures of lobbyists, unions, political action committees, and corporations while taking into account court rulings on political speech. Vote yes.

I appreciate how the Guardian states that Prop 89 would create the "best of all possible campaign systems, similar..." to Arizona and Maine. I think it is important to understand that Proposition 89 isn't just a cut-n-paste job of the other systems, but takes what has worked successfully in other states and adapts it to California with processes for scheduled adjustment as we move forward.

Embracing best practices is a way to learn from experience and to turn lessons into solutions.