Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stop the Pounding Reviews

Bill Hillsman's new Stop the Pounding ad is getting play all across the internets, including a post on Crooks and Liars (the most popular political video blog in America). Here is what some people are saying:

"one of the slickest and most engaging political ads in California right now....In this ad, the medium is the message. Rather than targeting corporate donations and their influence on politicians, it attacks television advertising funded by those donations." -Robert Salladay, LA Times Political Muscle Blog

"It is a terrific ad - and an incredibly important campaign." -David Sirota, SirotaBlog

"Watch Hillsman's ad, which is a remarkable piece of political jujitsu on the practices of political advertising, and has the possiblity to remake them." -Jamie Court, Huffington Post

"hilarious YouTube Video, courtesy of 89now.org and/or Clean Money Elections which just about sums up this year's election. I love it how they've managed to tie in our fatigue with the campaigning...." -Dan Wood, A Progressive Alamedan

"to me there is no single race as crucial as the battle to pass Proposition 89, a huge first step towards cleaning up politics in this state and taking it out of the hands of wealthy special interests. Joe Trippi sent me an ad today that was done by the brilliant filmmaker Bill Hillsman." -Howie Klein, Down WithTyranny

"A great ad." -SFBrianCL, Calitics

"His new ad for the issue doesn't even look like a political ad -- its production values are too high-end. Polling shows Proposition 89 is in a fierce battle, but as Hillsman's ad makes clear, the big money interests are actually shooting themselves in the foot. Spending tens of millions of dollars on nasty ad campaigns to try to destroy popular initiatives, these corporate interests are angering voters. Hillsman goes ninja style and turns these frustrations into a powerful argument for campaign finance reform." -Left in the West, AOL News Elections Blog